Awesome Inventions You Never Knew Existed


Mini Safe Wallet
Nowadays almost everything is code encrypted, your phone, your iPad, your Wi-Fi, your suitcase, the door of your building and of course your credit card has a digit code, for sure it’s better to be safe. by the way how safe is your wallet in your own home? For example have you ever realized you were missing some cash or is it safe in your own bedroom? Your credit card number never ended up on the internet without your consent? At the office are you really sure nobody can sneak in your wallet and violate your privacy? Then we realized there was one item that we don’t secure enough, our wallets. This is the reason why the Mini Safe Wallet is created. Mini Safe Wallet is the first code encrypted pocket-sized vault including a locking system with a thousand different combination possibilities and a choose your own system. It’s amazing how much progress has been made in terms of tracking systems lately, that’s why Ogon Designs propose the option to a embed your wallet with a tracking system to ensure you never lose it again. It’s also guarded with RFID blocking technology your contact list cards will be kept safe and protected from electronic pickpockets. The lock is made out of metal for maximum reliability. It is extremely handy fixed to its fan shape interior, giving easy access to all your cards which are stored and well sorted. It can hold U.S dollars and Euros and fit up to 12 cards. This idea has been worked on for the past two years with professional engineers to reinvent and develop the locking system to adapt it to a wallet. It’s very light and strong thanks to its conception and high-quality material.

If you’re an adventurer, you know the anxiety that comes with running out of water in the middle of a tour. The last thing you want is dehydration when you’re miles away from home. Frotus is a self doing water world that allows you to plan your adventures without having to worry about any water loads or where to find the next River or the next gas station. Kristof Retezar is the inventor of Frontus. He created a bottle that would never run dry. For him, it’s like magic because out of the air and Sun we are bringing this bottled to fill itself with drinkable water. He created a compact small and efficient technology completely independent and easy to use. Bojan Masirevic is the electrical engineer who developed  the self-sufficient system that uses a cooler to convince the moisture from the air and Brian Winters is the in charged of engineering and development. Frontus comes in two variations Frontus ride is designed for bikers and uses the airstream to press air into the bottle. The Frontus Airo is the second version and is a standalone unit that does not need to be in motion to function.

The Pocket Shot
How to Shoot the Pocket Shot? Drop your projectile in the hole. Pinch on and in front of the ball and pull back about 10-12 inches. Line the top with your target, then fire. Attach arrow nock cover to shoot an arrow then add the whisker biscuit attachment, then slide in then grab the arrow nock cover. The new arrow pouch allow a full draw and  more force.

Brixo is an awesome version of building blocks that makes your designs come to life with electricity, sensors, and Bluetooth. Brixo has three types of locks connectors, action blocks, and trigger blocks. Use the connectors to make a circuit then embed the action blocks to give your design light or movement. Then you can use trigger blocks to control your design with sound proximity and light. Brixo can also be controlled remotely which means you can connect your design to your phone and even to the internet and automate stuff if you’re into that sort of thing. But who likes to automate stop right? You can use Brixo to upgrade designs made with regular building blocks which will make them like a hundred times cooler. No wires needed a break so blah components are built in. Brixo is also an amazing educational tool for your kids but know that bill for ever mock regular building blocks. So if you like building stuff and don’t mind getting addicted support them and get your own Brixo. It will change your life or just make you happy.

Noria the first window air conditioner designed with you in mind. Noria is 40 percent smaller than standard air conditioners and less than six inches tall. Unlike typical window air conditioners, Noria lets you keep your view. Noria smart using android or iOS users can control Noria remotely or set a schedule to save power when no one is home. Noria can bring fresh air into your home on those cool September nights not even central air can do that. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to install Noria, the lightweight frame is installed first making secure installation a breeze. Other window air conditioners force you to hold heavy awkward object in place for minutes at a time. With Noria, installation is a one person job. Storage is easy allowing you to keep it under the bed when not needed.

A simple device that automates your window blinds. No need to change your existing blinds, just clip it and it works. Now your blinds move by themselves even before you think of it. Flipflic it is triggered by built-in light and temperature sensors, it rotates the existing tilting mechanism to open and close the blinds automatically and with the solar panel charging, you don’t need to worry about battery life, Set your comfort temperature in the app and Flipflic will make sure it never gets too cold or too hot. Schedule flipflic to wake you up in the morning, control it instantly with the tab when you’re at home, When you’re away leave it to work on sensors so your pets are not left in the dark.













Introducing the latest advancements in the field of fun. Meet Codeybot, designed by Makeblock. This smart robot teaches kids the basics in computer program using a simple graphic programming language similar to MIT scratch. You can give the robot a series of commands then immediately see the magic happen. This provides a safe and easy introduction at the language and mindset of computer programs. In free play mode, you can just start playing. Every spin, grin, dance, and silly voice can naturally teaches coding skills. You can customize Codeybot in so many ways or here to Cody box together for battle mode, may the best Codeybot win. Codeybot is an open platform to learn, explore, and discover. Equip your child with the fundamentals they need to thrive in the age of Robotics with Codeybot.

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