Are You A Digital Zombie

So before I start I would like everybody to take up their phones pick it up and then give it to the person on the left or the right it doesn’t matter which one as long as you don’t have your own phone on you and don’t worry you’re going to get your phone’s back so don’t worry about it. Okay so now put your phones back into your pocket and take a deep breath. Welcome to old world. I love playing cowboys and Indians, I thought it was great fun and I live where there was a lot of nature used to ride bikes and skateboard and this goes out to the younger generation. We hardly had any technology at all we had one TV and two channels and we had a phone stuck on the wall and sometimes when it rang we didn’t even answer the phone and I know it’s shocking but it is true and then computers came into my life such as Atari and Commodore 64 and I was blown away and the all world as they knew it was gone and this is my son and yes I must admit that I’m – I’m guilty of letting him play video games.


I thought it was both convenient as well it was you know great fun and looking back into my younger adulthood I could see that I often escaped into the virtual world back then I had my son only on the weekends and every time we went outside I always had one eye on my phone and the other one trying to interact with my son and we did spend time together playing video games most of the time and he could all come up to me sometimes they say can we go outside and play and I said yes but not now because i needed maybe to level up on some game or I needed to work so i created this perfect electronic babysitter but just placing him in front of a computer and my problems were solved.


Right so actually we have to take a look about the things that we see as a problem and four things so what do you think about a baby who have yet now learn how to speak but not as easily how to incorporate an ipad. Studies shown by Hilda Kabali shows that thirty percent of children under the age of two knows easily how to use an iPad but knows but haven’t yet learned how to speak and also the aged between 0 to 2 the brain doubles in size and continues to grow until they become 25 years. So early brain development is dependent on which environment and which surroundings were in right and also studies showing the 3-4 year olds does easily knows how to control an ipad having difficulties by grasping objects such as blocks, pan, and a paper.


So what is the mobile zombie well actually we see them every day. They’re the ones that is looking at the phones you know in front of them walking and bumping into each others bumping into trees bumping into walls right and my son and I you know we spent a lot of time together and he really loved playing table tennis and I remember this one time he entered this huge tournament and I was sitting at the bench cheering supposedly but I was pretty much just staring down at my phone and he did really good at this tournament. He actually came to the finals and it was about to meet this very tough opponent and they started playing and the school was even he had two points to win and I felt the vibration in my pocket and I had to take up my phone to see what was happening and something new what happened on facebook and i really needed to check it out and I hear the crowd is sharing and I looked up from my phone to see what was happening and it was as if everything was in slow motion everybody’s surrounding my son to congratulate him because he had just won the whole tournament but what I sadly see is that he’s looking at me with these sad Ice knowing that I missed watching and when the last ball that made him the champion of this tournament just because I was too busy looking down at my phone all the time and I could really feel his pain of me not being present in this very moment and for the whole day it did not even want to speak to me again.



So a mobile zombie I’m going to show you some pictures from before and after you become a mobile zombie. You ready ok so this is a picture before a mother interacting with her baby right and this is a picture how it could look more today and father outside playing with this kid or maybe playing but maybe more on his phone. How about this mother reading to her baby or a baby maybe left along with an ipad how about this romantic couple in love looking into each other’s eyes and maybe not so I love looking down at the phones and instead how about this a family connected playing board games or yeah connected but maybe more to the wireless network. So how was that for you so just let that sink in and we will continue. So mobile the new cigarettes it has become a new type of distraction and in certain areas also be called the new cigarette because we have it in our pockets and every time we feel we’re bored or frustrated when we feel some tension.


We have a tendency to always wanting to pick it up because it gives us rewards and pleasure which is called dopamine the same kind of effect as it does with cigarettes. So modern technology has become the new type of distraction we as humans are now starting to react like cats you don’t want a cat when the hear sound or you know this year vibration they are twitching their bodies like that we humans are also starting to twitch our bodies when we hear an SMS or an email sound when we feel a vibration. We are twitching so what happens to our bodies is that we’re releasing adrenaline and cortisol which is the same as stress hormones and if we get too much stress hormones longer periods of time it can become chronic.


So I’m not getting into that so much I’m just going to say that it’s not good. So how much should we allow our children to engage with technology and when do we as a parent say enough you know when do we draw the line because many of us is confused because they’re giving iPads and laptops to kindergarten and preschool right. Does that mean it’s okay I mean it’s a good thought many in many cases they’re good applications and good video games that actually stimulates their development in a positive way of course but in many cases it is not so instead we are seeing them staring straight down and a tablet you know watching the latest disney film or playing a video game and no one can blame my parents for wanting to take the shortcut. I know for a fact I’ve done it for years I know how effectively it can be. I was blaming work that had a company to run so I didn’t have any regular hours I was working late nights and it was pretty bad however you tried to say to your son or your partner. Let’s have some quality time you know maybe watch a movie together and then you’re sitting there at the soul for having your laptop on your knees multitasking trying to work and then also having that quality time I can assure you it’s not a good idea.


It’s not something i can recommend so the distraction has become the norm rather than the exception so we give technology to our children and at the same time miss the quality time. We create this perfect electronic babysitter right by throwing an ipad in their laps and expresses pride by saying well this should keep them quiet for a couple of hours so we have to ask ourselves. The question is a good child is it is a quiet child a good child of course not. We need to interact to you know decipher body language our children need to nag yell scream move their bodies. So our health and happiness is at stake in many cases and i often get this question well if the technology if they don’t have their technology. Who is then going to entertain them. So the myth that our children needs to be entertained is the opposite of what they really need they are becoming more dependent on their parents and i truly believe that they need to learn from life to being in situation where it doesn’t exist quick rewards. You know to learn how to be patient and tolerant wait their turn.


So if we would look at something that is positive for our children that we know. So let’s say movement for instance if a child gets there. normal need of moving their bodies they will also incorporate the managed school more successfully and while some movements can be found in doors it is more optimal to be found outdoors and also physical contact that we know which reduces human anxiety and also reduces adrenaline and cortisol and also to put our children into larger context for them to socialize and larger groups instead of putting them in front of the computer and also nature green environments which we know is both soothing as well as good for the brain and the nervous system in our bodies.


So if we will get some quick tips for parents it could be something like this help to develop new interests right. Create opportunities for children to play for each other and also our children craves parents little attention not video games and also to read to our child maybe half an hour day and I love this quote when somebody said there is no app that can replace your lap. So my son and I went to Thailand to visit my father and we ended up in this local Buddhist monastery way up in the mountains where no man has ever gone before or something like that and the locals were really excited they wanted us to meet this elderly very special Buddhist monk he was probably a light on or something I don’t know but we went up to him and the first thing my son said to him was are you poor and he said actually I’m the wealthiest man on this planet and yet I have nothing and he started to talk about the words of the Dalai Lama by saying you have everything you have big houses but no one to talk to you have many computers because but less communication. You can travel planets but you can hardly go across the street to talk to the neighbor you had a lot of quantity but less quality much knowledge andexperts with more conflicts and after this experience I have myself a wake-up call. I went back home i strip myself on technology for two weeks and i sat down and wanted to prioritize things that I wanted in my life because I could really feel that I was emotionally distant and I wanted to change that so I made us some rules no technology at the dinner table or breakfast no technology in the bedroom and sometimes when we go out we leave the phone at the door. We go training we read books we do stuff and I believe moderation is the key.


It’s like a digital diet just like food we need to find a healthy way to balance our habits and i truly believe that artists and visionaries just like Einstein and Mozart, Michelangelo who often talked about the importance of using our imagination or fantasy to contemplate to be created that makes us humans create big things not only to have that external information but also to create something from within and then let that come out to the world. So pick up your phones and give it back to the rightful owner. So how was that how many did feel some tension hands up restlessness. Okay so be honest how many of you touch the display button to see if you missed anything on your phone. How many ok so that just shows us how important our technology has become that we as humans have this primitive urge to have control of our surroundings and if we are then be given this little device that gives us that control then we have a tendency to always wanted to pick it up all the time. So the the real world is pretty great and the digital role should be added to our live never to be replaced so let’s just think about that the next time when we interact with our children and our loved ones.




Awesome Inventions You Never Knew Existed


Mini Safe Wallet
Nowadays almost everything is code encrypted, your phone, your iPad, your Wi-Fi, your suitcase, the door of your building and of course your credit card has a digit code, for sure it’s better to be safe. by the way how safe is your wallet in your own home? For example have you ever realized you were missing some cash or is it safe in your own bedroom? Your credit card number never ended up on the internet without your consent? At the office are you really sure nobody can sneak in your wallet and violate your privacy? Then we realized there was one item that we don’t secure enough, our wallets. This is the reason why the Mini Safe Wallet is created. Mini Safe Wallet is the first code encrypted pocket-sized vault including a locking system with a thousand different combination possibilities and a choose your own system. It’s amazing how much progress has been made in terms of tracking systems lately, that’s why Ogon Designs propose the option to a embed your wallet with a tracking system to ensure you never lose it again. It’s also guarded with RFID blocking technology your contact list cards will be kept safe and protected from electronic pickpockets. The lock is made out of metal for maximum reliability. It is extremely handy fixed to its fan shape interior, giving easy access to all your cards which are stored and well sorted. It can hold U.S dollars and Euros and fit up to 12 cards. This idea has been worked on for the past two years with professional engineers to reinvent and develop the locking system to adapt it to a wallet. It’s very light and strong thanks to its conception and high-quality material.

If you’re an adventurer, you know the anxiety that comes with running out of water in the middle of a tour. The last thing you want is dehydration when you’re miles away from home. Frotus is a self doing water world that allows you to plan your adventures without having to worry about any water loads or where to find the next River or the next gas station. Kristof Retezar is the inventor of Frontus. He created a bottle that would never run dry. For him, it’s like magic because out of the air and Sun we are bringing this bottled to fill itself with drinkable water. He created a compact small and efficient technology completely independent and easy to use. Bojan Masirevic is the electrical engineer who developed  the self-sufficient system that uses a cooler to convince the moisture from the air and Brian Winters is the in charged of engineering and development. Frontus comes in two variations Frontus ride is designed for bikers and uses the airstream to press air into the bottle. The Frontus Airo is the second version and is a standalone unit that does not need to be in motion to function.

The Pocket Shot
How to Shoot the Pocket Shot? Drop your projectile in the hole. Pinch on and in front of the ball and pull back about 10-12 inches. Line the top with your target, then fire. Attach arrow nock cover to shoot an arrow then add the whisker biscuit attachment, then slide in then grab the arrow nock cover. The new arrow pouch allow a full draw and  more force.

Brixo is an awesome version of building blocks that makes your designs come to life with electricity, sensors, and Bluetooth. Brixo has three types of locks connectors, action blocks, and trigger blocks. Use the connectors to make a circuit then embed the action blocks to give your design light or movement. Then you can use trigger blocks to control your design with sound proximity and light. Brixo can also be controlled remotely which means you can connect your design to your phone and even to the internet and automate stuff if you’re into that sort of thing. But who likes to automate stop right? You can use Brixo to upgrade designs made with regular building blocks which will make them like a hundred times cooler. No wires needed a break so blah components are built in. Brixo is also an amazing educational tool for your kids but know that bill for ever mock regular building blocks. So if you like building stuff and don’t mind getting addicted support them and get your own Brixo. It will change your life or just make you happy.

Noria the first window air conditioner designed with you in mind. Noria is 40 percent smaller than standard air conditioners and less than six inches tall. Unlike typical window air conditioners, Noria lets you keep your view. Noria smart using android or iOS users can control Noria remotely or set a schedule to save power when no one is home. Noria can bring fresh air into your home on those cool September nights not even central air can do that. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to install Noria, the lightweight frame is installed first making secure installation a breeze. Other window air conditioners force you to hold heavy awkward object in place for minutes at a time. With Noria, installation is a one person job. Storage is easy allowing you to keep it under the bed when not needed.

A simple device that automates your window blinds. No need to change your existing blinds, just clip it and it works. Now your blinds move by themselves even before you think of it. Flipflic it is triggered by built-in light and temperature sensors, it rotates the existing tilting mechanism to open and close the blinds automatically and with the solar panel charging, you don’t need to worry about battery life, Set your comfort temperature in the app and Flipflic will make sure it never gets too cold or too hot. Schedule flipflic to wake you up in the morning, control it instantly with the tab when you’re at home, When you’re away leave it to work on sensors so your pets are not left in the dark.













Introducing the latest advancements in the field of fun. Meet Codeybot, designed by Makeblock. This smart robot teaches kids the basics in computer program using a simple graphic programming language similar to MIT scratch. You can give the robot a series of commands then immediately see the magic happen. This provides a safe and easy introduction at the language and mindset of computer programs. In free play mode, you can just start playing. Every spin, grin, dance, and silly voice can naturally teaches coding skills. You can customize Codeybot in so many ways or here to Cody box together for battle mode, may the best Codeybot win. Codeybot is an open platform to learn, explore, and discover. Equip your child with the fundamentals they need to thrive in the age of Robotics with Codeybot.

Beat A Lie Detector Test

The polygraph test is very popular these days but the question is it really effective. There are lots of people who believe that this machine can really help solve crimes but there are also debates and theories support that this kind of machine are obsolete. Please take a time to read the article and learn how these things really do a great job or not.



The polygraph test is a hundred percent old-timey pseudo-science you know back in the dark ages they would force criminal to hold a red-hot iron to see if it burned them if it did admit you were lying. The modern polygraph is just as ridiculous humans are complicated the truth isn’t something you can just detect with a machine oh yeah and what’s it detecting buddy heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing, sweats. But why would being sweaty necessarily mean you’re lying help it could just mean you’re doing crossfit.



Truthful people can fail polygraphs just because they’re sweaty or nervous and all you have to do to beat the test is stay super chill and keep your heart rate down criminals do it all the time. Like Gary Ridgeway the Green River Killer, Soviet spy Aldrich Ames and serial killer Charles Cullen also known as the Angel of Death. They’re monsters who all beat the polygraph just because they were laid back dopes with chill attitudes.

The polygraph is so easy to beat they teach classes on how to do it. Hate to break it to you but even the inventor of the polygraph thought it was bias. The only backup we’ll need today is from scholarly sources. The polygraph was invented in 1921 by a medical student named John Larson. He would go on to regret inventing it Larson became so horrified by law enforcement unscientific use of his device he would go on to call the Machine a

No one listened and ever since people have insisted that the polygraph can do frankly impossible things in the late 1960s polygraph expert conducted tests on plants. Instead of the more obvious conclusion gravy this machine is a piece of garbage that goes off randomly. The media has pushed the infallibility of the lie detector so hard that now everyone believes in it even though it just straight-up doesn’t work and this thing is still embedded in our legal system Massachusetts uses it to establish probable cause Florida requires sex offenders to take the test combined government agencies test over 70,000 people a year with this
century-old piece of pseudoscience.

Creating Water Cooling PC – Final Booting

Welcome to boot it episode four of season five this is the grand finale of all finales the show of all shows this is the final episode not just of the season but of the entire series of food. If you guys happen to miss my channel announcements  that I posted mode week or two ago probably two weeks, this canceling the show simple as that simply so I can free up some of my time  to do other videos focus more on the review stuff maybe do some more sketch  comedy. And you guys really like the gtx 960 embargo rack but I did maybe do some more stuff like that and I can’t really do that with this awesome show on my plate every week. Is it’s been so much fun  I really enjoy doing this and you guys have really made it enjoyable as well  just showing so much support. I would consider this little series a huge success I mean I was looking over the numbers just the other day and camping out at like sometimes a thousand somebody I think one point we had like fifteen hundred viewers live. Those are numbers that rival what Paul and I get an awesome hardware show that we’ve been doing for three if not four times as long.  So I’m very happy with how this the series has turned out throughout the course of its life is short lived as it may be so I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and all that sappy crap for a just for just bring it for shown support and for just tearing up chat like you guys.

We have  a show to get onto ladies and gentlemen  this is you guys are coming it’s kind of funny if this happens to be the first  episode of food that you’re catching quite ironic but for those of you who  are unfamiliar every season we would basically go through a series of 15  different candidates. We have 15 different computers and they would get eliminated off that we get voted off one by one.

Usually in chunks of for a time until there’s only three finalists and about  15 out of that pool 15 only three finalists would make it to the final  round of that particular season or month and today ladies and gentlemen is the  final round for these three five audio is too quiet for me. I can definitely turn that up, I’ve got my little mixing table here at the mixing table has something to do with it.  Sound better now  blue  all right thank you guys and check for letting me know I’m not sure how that  got switched around must have been from tweaking the settings on awesome  hardware.


The other week but I was saying this is the final round so we’ve got three contestants three  runner of three finalists, I should say and they’re all I would say that the  three best PC we’ve ever seen on boot it  at least the three most expensive for sure because they’re all custom water  cold. I should also mention that this is the custom water-cooled edition  or season of booted the first and only the first and only one and it’s been  it’s been really exciting because you just get to see a lot more creativity  with a custom liquid cool built. I’m actually working on one myself just posted my first build log on the channel if you haven’t seen it. So there’s a lot of work and a lot of thought that goes into these I mean as  much fun as you want to put into them but it has the potential to really get  the potential to make it your own  and so we’ve been seeing a lot of personality from the systems on this  particular season. So we’re going to check out three finalists right now.
Our week one finalist and he was rocking inside of the fantex evolved micro ATX case and for micro ATX system he’s just really crammed a lot of stuff in here and done an amazing job at making it look damn good that is not a hardware connects reference in case you were wondering but I just love the color scheme. I feel like gray is one of those under  rated colors when it comes to custom liquid cooling people don’t really use  gray all that much or if they do they use it kind of as a secondary color.

Well I kind of like how I did hotline you see a lot of that but to use gray as a primary color I felt was really original and it just it just works beautiful. I love how he did the custom work on the radiators those are you the dude those are some many K.  The best for those are  XSPC so those are  XSPC rads 2 40’s as 240 at the front  I guess there’s a 240 of the top two it looks bigger than 240 but I guess that  case doesn’t support it – 80. Two of those and he’s painted in both gray the cable sleeping on this thing, let’s see if I could find a better shot. Best cable sleeping  on booted or at least in this season  I shouldn’t say in the entire series I’m sure there’s someone else you who rivals  this but just cable management on that training is just wicked  just look at that side profile I love the runs in this system. That’s really nice curve that fills out the rest of the system it  would have looked a little empty in that second quadrant of the rig and he just  kind of gone straight up and in to the cpu from the video card but I really  like how this looks it looks very pleasing to the eyes.



Nothing’s too one-sided everything’s well balanced it seems and let’s take another look at this shot here so stock window around the stock window on the on the case on the evolved micro-atx this looks absolutely beautiful.  I also like how he did the witch because I love the choice of fittings  I was kind of got like a black and red vibe going over there and his water block. How he went with a full nickel  EK supremacy evo I think it’s really often that we see the water block  and like the GPU terminal match like they’re either both black or they’re  both nickel-plated either both. I think he took a gamble to see whether or not it would look good if he just had that the water block look completely different than the other elements and if they get checks out I think it looks fantastic. And it also matches the SLI bridge that they’ve got over there, I’m sorry that’s a lie bridge  he’s got two GTX 780 is in SLI should probably mention that core i7 47 IDK but all together looks very beautiful. However as most of you know by now on the season finale of every episode of booted we do something a little bit extra where we show off the cable management the underbelly of each finalist system just to show I don’t know just to show their ugly side If they have an ugly side it’s going to be the camp cable management side so we’re going to check it out. Actually it’s not terrible so one thing you have to remember is that the evolved phanteks at the Evolve is an incredibly well designed case that has tons of a room for error for cable management and especially by the power supply because you’ve just got tons of room so much room for activities and his cables look more or less very tied down. There all bound very nicely  I’d say his fan cables going into the fan hub at the back of a behind the  motherboard tray or a little bit loose they could have been routed together. But it’s not a Bismil side panel still probably going to go on no problem as SSDS, got to those SSDS there the Samsungs and he’s even got a little nice drain system  at the bottom. I really like the drain system that’s actually going out the rear of his chassis can remember if the end to evolve has a grommet. Routing hole for refrigerators or if that’s custom I’m  not sure either way  smart choice and your cable management checks out in my book so well  done on you might very  nice system  next.

We’ve got it Ian is also building in a fan text case however he’s gone the full ATX tower out here, with a 10-2 primo again a beautiful case Fantex does great work in the in the chassis department is wrecking the core i7 5820k and a little two gtx 980 is in SLI and as you can tell Ian has gone with a full-blown. Aperture labs custom feet and thank you very much we’ll for the donation baby oil cooled PC.  I’m going to so we’re going to save that for awesome hardware I feel like Paul would get offended and hurt  he would be genuinely hurt if I did anything baby oil related.

Without him will have to wait until another awesome harbor show but I appreciate the donation so okay so we’ve got an aperture labs ridiculous portal theme.  I feel like I’m hyping it up too much but it is a really nice system, I love the colors obviously be a great choice you’ve got orange and blue for  the to represent each of the main characters that you play as in Portal 2. He’s got the little figurines standing off to the right there’s those AKG k 7 x.x is that that I’m rocking right now.  Illuminati confirmed but I just love the bends in this as well the runs are so clean like there’s so many bends and I said this before on the episode that he was featured in a couple weeks ago but the been going from his CPU down to the kind of shroud the power supply store out down there the blue one that’s going down I just love how it wraps around the video cards. I don’t know it’s like he didn’t take any shortcuts  you know what I mean like he didn’t have to do it that way  but I don’t know especially the orange one going from the GPU to the radiator up top.

The GP to the radio up top if you’re looking to hear how it  kind of just goes in towards the motherboard and then up and then it goes  back out up to the radiator up top like that he could have just gone like  diagonally. Like he didn’t have to make all those crazy Ben’s I just feel like  he did a lot of extra work here just to make that just to get the look that he  really wanted and I think his time and patience really paid off here. I love the back plates the custom back plates here on the GPUs as well  everything about this system is just so well thought out he’s got the decals on  not only the GPUs but on the motherboard. little cover over his rear and even  look at the SLI bridge  even the SLI bridge has a little aperture light up aperture logo there. that’s so freaking crazy I just I love it,  I love it so much  and obviously he’s got two different loops here should that’s pretty obvious  but case you’re not too familiar with liquid cooling the blue and orange are  completely separate loops. So he’s got one loop for a CPU it’s the blue one and  then the orange one is going just for his GPS, he’s got dedicated cooling  loops for each of those component regions. So attempts are pretty chilly out imagined and more details on the on the radiators and you can see we’ve got some white LED accent lighting here rounding out the case matches beautifully again perfect case choice. I think for an aperture themed built like I said like it just looks like it  was made in the lab just the case itself  it’s got that strip it’s like very sterile looking very like clean  minimalistic looks like a robot itself kind of does. And I believe this is a custom window looks like you did some custom work here with the window  I don’t think that comes stuck on the Primo so nice job on that as well  cable cabling is a very nice on the GPU.
Your PCI Express cables are  just  that perfect robot them curves them and I think I white LEDs was a great choice I’m glad you didn’t try to  spice it up with like an NZXT Q+ try to make it all you know  orange and blue flashing lights and stuff at you did a perfect job. With white my opinion but we still have to look at your cable management in to see if you’re hiding anything we should be concerned about. Let’s check that out all right,  interesting, so on you can clearly see these got some soft coming back here  obviously that’s just for just rude to help things work around a little bit  easier back there.

And cable management is surprisingly good for how much stuff you have cramming into the system like you’ve taken advantage of all the time on points you’re using Velcro straps properly your fan cables are routed nicely to the hub. It’s just it looks Kind of messy at first just because there’s so much stuff  there’s really just a lot going on but for everything that you’ve been working  with. Think you manage it pretty well I am then pumps man it’s a good thing you got those pumpkins by in that case good jog. You’re definitely in the running for a reason and then last up we’ve got where are the specs on this one this is Patrick’s but Patrick does not have. Where is your stuff Patrick give me a sec to bring up Patrick’s specs and  stuff so we can see what hardware he’s a sporting here and there change shared  measuring with you didn’t do. So this is Patrick sees a you know building in the Corsair  graphite 780 great case for water cooling much room to plan stuff out.  We’ve got to the x 99 sli plus motherboard from MSI 16 gigs of course  they’re dumb Platts tdr for 2600 and 3-way gtx 980 these holy smokes remember back then when you could do three way good times Samsung 950 pro and an eight for turbo. Didn’t have much specs here on the liquid cooling except we’re rocking EK supremacy but also a GPU block is from Ek as well take a side profile here? Now you’ve gone with a kind of distilled  water  it’s just completely clear and as many of you guys know who saw last week’s  episode he’s got an NZXT q+ in, so that reflects really well. We’ll talk about that a little bit later as far as the Benz go again all the bends and in these rigs are just super clean.


I don’t see any kind of like bubbling or you know artifacts  I don’t know if I would call the artifacts but there’s no awkward Ben’s everything looks really parallel and even and so it’s just that’s just  fat radiator at the front. I really like that radiator  you got a 360 at the top as well and there’s a 120 there’s a 120 millimeter  radiator at the very bottom of the case that’s kind of recessed into that lower  region was kind of a lower compartment down there.  Cable management is super on here, also just going with the color neutral theme all around black white gray and I think the white case was a good choice about how you’ve got just like your set an SSD in your DR K, it looks like you’ve got some SSDs and in the cage I wasn’t sure if you were keeping them behind your motherboard tray at all. I like just how you have all your drives just chilling right above your radiator that’s also really nice see if we’ve got another shot.

Flying Maching – HoverBoard

When the first video of this invention appeared on the Internet some people just couldn’t believe it was real but it is it’s the fly board air from French jets a champion Frank safada and Zapata racing having previously developed a hugely popular original flyboard a similar-looking water-powered craft Zapata racing has taken a major step forward with the flyboard air prototype. This marvel of engineering can achieve 10 minutes of self-control flight at altitudes of up to 10,000 feet with a top speed of just over 92 miles per hour that’s three times higher than the world’s tallest building the fly board air operates using for joystick control jet turbine engines with a backpack fuel tank. Along with the riders balancing ability and on-board computer help stabilize the platform during flight on April second 2016 off the coast of France Zapata shattered the Guinness world record for the farthest hoverboard flight with a record to beat set of 275. Nine meters Zapata flew the  fly board air and astonishing 2250 2.4 meters in a single flight though the  fly board air was originally intended to highlight the company’s abilities public  excitement has led them to consider making a commercial version. You’re wondering who held the record before Zapata check out this amazing do-it-yourself creation the Omni hover board five years in the making by Canadian Alexander. The Omni started out with not much more than a propeller  and motor strapped to a piece of wood finally ending up as an eight propeller  configuration on a carbon fiber frame the Omni hover board really get some air moving.



Speaking of DIY solutions speed and altitude are actually controlled by squeezing a joystick made from a pair of pliers after years of hard work and testing guru has successfully demonstrated how well the Omni hover board really works according to an April 2016 article. For popular science do and his team are now developing a second prototype that sleeker more powerful and safe enough for an eager public to fly stay too the fastest way to a really cool invention is to tell an engineer. It  can’t be done  that’s the story behind flight a flying trooper that could usher in a whole  new method of personal transportation the most experts believe that drone  technology would never be powerful enough to carry a person the Wizards at  Hungarian. Non-profit basis old son have blown the skeptics away in less than a year their flight team took flight from the drawing board to its first manned flight at miss golf airfield in Northeast Hungary resembling a cross between a motorcycle and oversized drone. The flight will require a pilot’s  ultra light licensed by gravity a new company formed by the creators says the  prototype is capable of 15 to 20 minutes of other flight for 30 to 40 minutes of  cruise like in a recent short test flight was able to demonstrate  stable hovering.

And maneuvering capabilities are beautifully designed  commercial model is now under development featuring fly-by-wire  technology for nearly effort was flying experience  more than one company is getting into the flying by concept check out arrow x  from aero effects company in Manhattan Beach California. The arrow X is set to take flight with consumers sometime in 2017 unlike some competing Hover bike designs this next-generation Marvel can accommodate two riders as long as its weight limit of 310 pounds is not exceeded with a 75 minutes flying time on a full tank of fuel the arrow x will be capable of speeds up to 72 miles per hour. And a maximum cruising altitude of 10 feet too powerful carbon fiber rotors allow for smooth vertical takeoff and landing according to Eric effects with only about two weeks of training riders can control the arrow acts. Much the same way as riding a motorcycle in addition to providing a totally cool way of getting here and there the company envisions the arrow x be used for disaster relief search-and-rescue Border Patrol and more. Well that’s all very important we’d love to have one just a show-off  ready for something that actually looks like a hoverboard this is the Hendo  hover board from Mark’s packs LLC those several hover board makers claim there’s  is the first real hover board windows. Traditional design and real hovering ability makes the argument as well as anyone and looks and rides exactly the way a respectable hover board should that is as long as there’s a magnetically conductive surface underneath such as copper or aluminum window works like a maglev train. Using opposing magnetic fields to achieve  levitation regardless of how they do it works great and arise exactly like a skateboard just a little push and  you’re off inventors dragon Jill Henderson began their project on  Kick starter. Raising over half-a-million dollars toward their goal of partnering  with tech savvy individuals to find innovative ways to use their amazing  other engines in the meantime they’re evolving hover board products are still  the company’s main draw even skateboard legend Tony Hawk has helped design a  version if it’s good enough for Tony.



Then it’s both thumbs up for the hand Alexis chief engineer how she believes there is no such thing as  impossible it’s just a matter of figuring out how to do it after seeing  our next item in action. We believe it meets slide a real hover board from the Lexus Corporation. You won’t find one at the store anytime soon slides technology definitely opens the door to the future like the handle hover board the Lexus slide employees magnetic levitation one big difference intensely cold liquid nitrogen is used to cool superconducting materials. Within the board creating an even more intense repellent force between the board and the track while we don’t claim to fully understand all the scientific jargon the result simply put is tremendously cool.



Lexus has created an entire skateboard  park dedicated to showing off their hover board and its capabilities  maybe someday there will be a hover board park in every city to that we say bring  it on  while maglev hover boards are great like the saying goes you can’t take it with  you  they only operate. When used above highly specialized surfaces not so with our next item the amazing mark aboard this amazing board is so awesome we’ve now twice featured on fries HD the ark aboard works pretty much anywhere for anyone that is as long as you don’t weigh over 243 pounds which is the Ark of words weight limit 36 electric ducted fans and motors. Provide an unbelievable 203,000 watts of power for an intense three-minute joyride an extended version increases the flight time to six minutes by cutting the weight limit of 176 pounds aerospace-grade composite materials. Give the ark aboard a lightweight but stiff and resilience structure and a built-in stabilization system makes it stable as a rock during flight if you think the art board is awesome. So far wait until you hear this using Bluetooth technology the ark aboard can actually be controlled from a Smartphone using an ions or android app as you move the phone with your hand our keyboard.  Will replicate your hand movements say hello to that the art board is the first commercially-available hover board.  You can actually buy this thing if you happen to have fifteen thousand dollars cool infers the popular and better and overall mad genius is added again known for building some of the world’s wildest homemade inventions. Death Star the famous flame-throwing guitar and is totally insane jet kart he’s now taking his act to the air with a Hoverbike challenged.

Building PC in A Good Way

When it comes to building your own computer it’s surprisingly easy and you still get all the benefits of getting the exact PC you want. Get yourself a decent sized workplace and a Phillips screwdriver and we’re good to go. Start by pulling the case out of the box, unscrew the side panel and pop it off so we have some room to work.  Inside you’ll find the accessories like the hardware along with the power supply.  This case comes with it preinstalled but it’s easy enough to do yourself, just make sure  the fan is pointed in a direction where it can pull in air, in this case it’s mounted  on top but some PCs have it on the bottom. There are guides to slide it in and then it’s as simple as using the four included screws to tighten it down. While we’re here grab  the bag of hardware that came in the case and pull out the small brass standoffs, sometimes  these are preinstalled but it’s as simple as screwing them in for whatever motherboard  you have, in this case it’s MicroATX. If you have any doubts you can use test fit the motherboard to measure where the screws need to go, here we need six standoffs. For now set the case aside and pull out the motherboard. It’s wrapped in an anti static bag so be careful to pull it out by grabbing it by the plastic pieces and set it down on the cardboard box. There are also a few accessories included that you’ll need like the SATA cables and I/O shield.

This is installed in the rear of the case; it can be a little fiddly but just pop it into place with the audio ports on bottom. Before we continue let’s take a quick look around the motherboard. Basically everything in the build connects here, for example this gray socket in the middle is where the processor is installed. To the right of that are the RAM slots for memory and on the bottom are the PCIe slots which is where we’ll be installing the graphics card a bit later on. On the bottom corner you’ll find two of the four SATA ports to connect hard drives and SSDs. Most of your ports are on the back side which will be where you’ll plug stuff in at the rear of the case. Right beside the RAM slots is the 20+4 pin connector which delivers the main power for the board, there’s also a smaller four pin connector near the CPU socket which provides power for the processor. Speaking of let’s crack open our CPU. Inside you should find the processor itself along with a heatsink and fan, this is essentially the heart of the build and it’s fairly fragile. This AMD chip has lots of delicate pins on the back which you want to be careful with, if any of these get bent you’re in trouble.

If you look at the bottom of the heatsink you’ll see a thin layer of thermal paste, this is fine to use as is for this build but try not to touch it before applying. Pull the lever by the socket back and find the tiny gold triangle on the corner of the CPU, this matches a corresponding triangle on the socket so gently set the processor down and pull the lever to lock it into place.  Now it’s time to install the heatsink, set it down square on the processor and for AMD there’s a latch to press down that locks everything in place. Grab the four pin fan connector and connect it to the CPU power on the motherboard and that’s it, the CPU is installed and we’re ready to move on. Now grab the memory, this is super easy to install. You’ll see a notch about two thirds down, this is what you’ll want to line up  on the slot on the motherboard and firmly press it into place until it clicks, that’s  all there is to it. Now it’s time to grab the case and drop the motherboard in on the brass standoffs we installed earlier, just make sure all of the ports are properly lined up with the I/O shield around back. Grab the small screws out of the bag of hardware that came with the case and screw the board into place, starting at the corners and making sure you tighten the board down nicely. Flip the computer back upright and we’re well on our way to having a working gaming PC. Next up let’s install our SSD. Since this is smaller than a normal hard drive you’ll want to mount it to the bottom of the case instead of using one of the drive cages but you’ve got plenty of room to install multiple drives in this case. Now it’s time to start cabling, first up grab the cable running from the rear fan and plug it into the system fan header on the motherboard. Next you should find the four pin CPU connector from the power supply, hook it up to the motherboard on the top left. Next grab the long 20+4 pin cable and plug that into the corresponding connector on the board. While we’re here let’s power the SSD which has two connectors on the end,  grab a SATA cable from the power supply and hook it up using the larger of the two ports  on the drive.

Next there’s the SATA data cable that came with the motherboard, you’ll see it has a notch on one end so it only goes in one way. Hook one end of the cable into the motherboard SATA port and the other into the SSD; it’s as simple as that. Going back to the cables inside the case you should see an AC97 and HD Audio connector, grab the HD Audio and plug it into the matching plug on the board. You’ll also see a USB cable for the front ports on the case, it’s the same story here and as before it only goes in one way thanks to a knocked out pin. Along the bottom you’ll also find the front panel connectors, these are a bit fiddly but they’re marked on the board as well as in the manual.  Just plug these in individually making note of which side is positive and negative, it’s easy to mix up so if you have any problems turning the PC on later this is a great place to double check. Grab your screwdriver and remove the two PCI slots on the back of the case to make room for the graphics card. Like the motherboard this comes in an anti-static bag and while it isn’t incredibly sensitive you should still handle it by the plastic instead of the board. This is a fairly small card but they’re typically pretty similar, you’ll find your video outputs on the rear and the Pie connector on the bottom which connects into the motherboard. Slide it into the top slot on the board until it clicks into place then screw it in to keep things secure.



Most power supplies have a six pin PCIe power connector but since this don’t we’ll need a Molex to PCI adapter. Molex might be a weird looking connector but it’ll get the job done, connect two cables into the adapter and then plug it into the six pin on the graphics card and its powered and ready to go. At this point we’re nearly done, especially with a budget build like this cables aren’t going to be the neatest thing in the world but don’t worry about that just yet. Grab a monitor, mouse and keyboard and plug everything in. If all is good it should come right to life when you hit the power button, if not unplug and run through your cables and connections to make sure everything is right. If it doesn’t automatically go to the BIOS hit Delete or F9 on the keyboard to quickly run through to make sure everything is present and working correctly. As long as everything looks good you can turn it off and clean up what cables you can and you’ll be ready to throw a copy of whatever operating system you’d like on it. Congrats, you’ve built yourself a gaming PC! If you need any more info on the parts I used I did a video about that as well as the performance and if you guys enjoyed this tutorial definitely consider subscribing for more videos like this! Anyway guys thank you so much for watching and I will catch you in the next one.