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Welcome to boot it episode four of season five this is the grand finale of all finales the show of all shows this is the final episode not just of the season but of the entire series of food. If you guys happen to miss my channel announcements  that I posted mode week or two ago probably two weeks, this canceling the show simple as that simply so I can free up some of my time  to do other videos focus more on the review stuff maybe do some more sketch  comedy. And you guys really like the gtx 960 embargo rack but I did maybe do some more stuff like that and I can’t really do that with this awesome show on my plate every week. Is it’s been so much fun  I really enjoy doing this and you guys have really made it enjoyable as well  just showing so much support. I would consider this little series a huge success I mean I was looking over the numbers just the other day and camping out at like sometimes a thousand somebody I think one point we had like fifteen hundred viewers live. Those are numbers that rival what Paul and I get an awesome hardware show that we’ve been doing for three if not four times as long.  So I’m very happy with how this the series has turned out throughout the course of its life is short lived as it may be so I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and all that sappy crap for a just for just bring it for shown support and for just tearing up chat like you guys.

We have  a show to get onto ladies and gentlemen  this is you guys are coming it’s kind of funny if this happens to be the first  episode of food that you’re catching quite ironic but for those of you who  are unfamiliar every season we would basically go through a series of 15  different candidates. We have 15 different computers and they would get eliminated off that we get voted off one by one.

Usually in chunks of for a time until there’s only three finalists and about  15 out of that pool 15 only three finalists would make it to the final  round of that particular season or month and today ladies and gentlemen is the  final round for these three five audio is too quiet for me. I can definitely turn that up, I’ve got my little mixing table here at the mixing table has something to do with it.  Sound better now  blue  all right thank you guys and check for letting me know I’m not sure how that  got switched around must have been from tweaking the settings on awesome  hardware.


The other week but I was saying this is the final round so we’ve got three contestants three  runner of three finalists, I should say and they’re all I would say that the  three best PC we’ve ever seen on boot it  at least the three most expensive for sure because they’re all custom water  cold. I should also mention that this is the custom water-cooled edition  or season of booted the first and only the first and only one and it’s been  it’s been really exciting because you just get to see a lot more creativity  with a custom liquid cool built. I’m actually working on one myself just posted my first build log on the channel if you haven’t seen it. So there’s a lot of work and a lot of thought that goes into these I mean as  much fun as you want to put into them but it has the potential to really get  the potential to make it your own  and so we’ve been seeing a lot of personality from the systems on this  particular season. So we’re going to check out three finalists right now.
Our week one finalist and he was rocking inside of the fantex evolved micro ATX case and for micro ATX system he’s just really crammed a lot of stuff in here and done an amazing job at making it look damn good that is not a hardware connects reference in case you were wondering but I just love the color scheme. I feel like gray is one of those under  rated colors when it comes to custom liquid cooling people don’t really use  gray all that much or if they do they use it kind of as a secondary color.

Well I kind of like how I did hotline you see a lot of that but to use gray as a primary color I felt was really original and it just it just works beautiful. I love how he did the custom work on the radiators those are you the dude those are some many K.  The best for those are  XSPC so those are  XSPC rads 2 40’s as 240 at the front  I guess there’s a 240 of the top two it looks bigger than 240 but I guess that  case doesn’t support it – 80. Two of those and he’s painted in both gray the cable sleeping on this thing, let’s see if I could find a better shot. Best cable sleeping  on booted or at least in this season  I shouldn’t say in the entire series I’m sure there’s someone else you who rivals  this but just cable management on that training is just wicked  just look at that side profile I love the runs in this system. That’s really nice curve that fills out the rest of the system it  would have looked a little empty in that second quadrant of the rig and he just  kind of gone straight up and in to the cpu from the video card but I really  like how this looks it looks very pleasing to the eyes.



Nothing’s too one-sided everything’s well balanced it seems and let’s take another look at this shot here so stock window around the stock window on the on the case on the evolved micro-atx this looks absolutely beautiful.  I also like how he did the witch because I love the choice of fittings  I was kind of got like a black and red vibe going over there and his water block. How he went with a full nickel  EK supremacy evo I think it’s really often that we see the water block  and like the GPU terminal match like they’re either both black or they’re  both nickel-plated either both. I think he took a gamble to see whether or not it would look good if he just had that the water block look completely different than the other elements and if they get checks out I think it looks fantastic. And it also matches the SLI bridge that they’ve got over there, I’m sorry that’s a lie bridge  he’s got two GTX 780 is in SLI should probably mention that core i7 47 IDK but all together looks very beautiful. However as most of you know by now on the season finale of every episode of booted we do something a little bit extra where we show off the cable management the underbelly of each finalist system just to show I don’t know just to show their ugly side If they have an ugly side it’s going to be the camp cable management side so we’re going to check it out. Actually it’s not terrible so one thing you have to remember is that the evolved phanteks at the Evolve is an incredibly well designed case that has tons of a room for error for cable management and especially by the power supply because you’ve just got tons of room so much room for activities and his cables look more or less very tied down. There all bound very nicely  I’d say his fan cables going into the fan hub at the back of a behind the  motherboard tray or a little bit loose they could have been routed together. But it’s not a Bismil side panel still probably going to go on no problem as SSDS, got to those SSDS there the Samsungs and he’s even got a little nice drain system  at the bottom. I really like the drain system that’s actually going out the rear of his chassis can remember if the end to evolve has a grommet. Routing hole for refrigerators or if that’s custom I’m  not sure either way  smart choice and your cable management checks out in my book so well  done on you might very  nice system  next.

We’ve got it Ian is also building in a fan text case however he’s gone the full ATX tower out here, with a 10-2 primo again a beautiful case Fantex does great work in the in the chassis department is wrecking the core i7 5820k and a little two gtx 980 is in SLI and as you can tell Ian has gone with a full-blown. Aperture labs custom feet and thank you very much we’ll for the donation baby oil cooled PC.  I’m going to so we’re going to save that for awesome hardware I feel like Paul would get offended and hurt  he would be genuinely hurt if I did anything baby oil related.

Without him will have to wait until another awesome harbor show but I appreciate the donation so okay so we’ve got an aperture labs ridiculous portal theme.  I feel like I’m hyping it up too much but it is a really nice system, I love the colors obviously be a great choice you’ve got orange and blue for  the to represent each of the main characters that you play as in Portal 2. He’s got the little figurines standing off to the right there’s those AKG k 7 x.x is that that I’m rocking right now.  Illuminati confirmed but I just love the bends in this as well the runs are so clean like there’s so many bends and I said this before on the episode that he was featured in a couple weeks ago but the been going from his CPU down to the kind of shroud the power supply store out down there the blue one that’s going down I just love how it wraps around the video cards. I don’t know it’s like he didn’t take any shortcuts  you know what I mean like he didn’t have to do it that way  but I don’t know especially the orange one going from the GPU to the radiator up top.

The GP to the radio up top if you’re looking to hear how it  kind of just goes in towards the motherboard and then up and then it goes  back out up to the radiator up top like that he could have just gone like  diagonally. Like he didn’t have to make all those crazy Ben’s I just feel like  he did a lot of extra work here just to make that just to get the look that he  really wanted and I think his time and patience really paid off here. I love the back plates the custom back plates here on the GPUs as well  everything about this system is just so well thought out he’s got the decals on  not only the GPUs but on the motherboard. little cover over his rear and even  look at the SLI bridge  even the SLI bridge has a little aperture light up aperture logo there. that’s so freaking crazy I just I love it,  I love it so much  and obviously he’s got two different loops here should that’s pretty obvious  but case you’re not too familiar with liquid cooling the blue and orange are  completely separate loops. So he’s got one loop for a CPU it’s the blue one and  then the orange one is going just for his GPS, he’s got dedicated cooling  loops for each of those component regions. So attempts are pretty chilly out imagined and more details on the on the radiators and you can see we’ve got some white LED accent lighting here rounding out the case matches beautifully again perfect case choice. I think for an aperture themed built like I said like it just looks like it  was made in the lab just the case itself  it’s got that strip it’s like very sterile looking very like clean  minimalistic looks like a robot itself kind of does. And I believe this is a custom window looks like you did some custom work here with the window  I don’t think that comes stuck on the Primo so nice job on that as well  cable cabling is a very nice on the GPU.
Your PCI Express cables are  just  that perfect robot them curves them and I think I white LEDs was a great choice I’m glad you didn’t try to  spice it up with like an NZXT Q+ try to make it all you know  orange and blue flashing lights and stuff at you did a perfect job. With white my opinion but we still have to look at your cable management in to see if you’re hiding anything we should be concerned about. Let’s check that out all right,  interesting, so on you can clearly see these got some soft coming back here  obviously that’s just for just rude to help things work around a little bit  easier back there.

And cable management is surprisingly good for how much stuff you have cramming into the system like you’ve taken advantage of all the time on points you’re using Velcro straps properly your fan cables are routed nicely to the hub. It’s just it looks Kind of messy at first just because there’s so much stuff  there’s really just a lot going on but for everything that you’ve been working  with. Think you manage it pretty well I am then pumps man it’s a good thing you got those pumpkins by in that case good jog. You’re definitely in the running for a reason and then last up we’ve got where are the specs on this one this is Patrick’s but Patrick does not have. Where is your stuff Patrick give me a sec to bring up Patrick’s specs and  stuff so we can see what hardware he’s a sporting here and there change shared  measuring with you didn’t do. So this is Patrick sees a you know building in the Corsair  graphite 780 great case for water cooling much room to plan stuff out.  We’ve got to the x 99 sli plus motherboard from MSI 16 gigs of course  they’re dumb Platts tdr for 2600 and 3-way gtx 980 these holy smokes remember back then when you could do three way good times Samsung 950 pro and an eight for turbo. Didn’t have much specs here on the liquid cooling except we’re rocking EK supremacy but also a GPU block is from Ek as well take a side profile here? Now you’ve gone with a kind of distilled  water  it’s just completely clear and as many of you guys know who saw last week’s  episode he’s got an NZXT q+ in, so that reflects really well. We’ll talk about that a little bit later as far as the Benz go again all the bends and in these rigs are just super clean.


I don’t see any kind of like bubbling or you know artifacts  I don’t know if I would call the artifacts but there’s no awkward Ben’s everything looks really parallel and even and so it’s just that’s just  fat radiator at the front. I really like that radiator  you got a 360 at the top as well and there’s a 120 there’s a 120 millimeter  radiator at the very bottom of the case that’s kind of recessed into that lower  region was kind of a lower compartment down there.  Cable management is super on here, also just going with the color neutral theme all around black white gray and I think the white case was a good choice about how you’ve got just like your set an SSD in your DR K, it looks like you’ve got some SSDs and in the cage I wasn’t sure if you were keeping them behind your motherboard tray at all. I like just how you have all your drives just chilling right above your radiator that’s also really nice see if we’ve got another shot.

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