Hardcore Gaming Mouse

The most sophisticated gaming mouse to have ever  walked the planet  so to be honest when I was opening this box I had no idea what to expect but I’m  telling you i mean someone should have filled my reaction. I was literally jaw  dropped  but one thing that I really just could not get over is the name of this product  they’ve called the mouse the James donkey double 0 seven and after hearing  that I found it very difficult to take this thing seriously  contrasting with how it looks you’ve got this totally done.

And it makes no  sense  anyway you probably notice there are a lot of parts you can make fifty four  different combinations of this one mouse  so you start with the main body as you can see here. And you’ve got attachment  sockets on the back of the left and the right as well as the bottom so we also  have a gold plated USB cable which is actually much thicker and longer than I  was hoping for it’s actually a little bit messy. Unless you’re very careful  so in total we have three backplates three left plates three right plates as  well as one replacement bottom one of them has plastic feet and the other one  metal.


You can decide yourself which one you prefer the feel of this is  actually a pretty neat mouse in the sense that firstly there are magnets  which automatically clip the pieces on very neatly and very quickly and also  there are pins which actually detect which pieces in any one time. Which means  that the mouse nose so can react accordingly to the programmable buttons  now this thing in any configuration looks absolutely stunning like a lot of  gaming mouses it has a very aggressive design language  it looks bold it looks futuristic and it looks like it might come out to kill you  in the night. Replacing the default plastic plate with a metal plate just adjust the level of  friction is actually higher with the metal plate so it’s up to you what kind  of resistance you want in terms of actually using the mouse is very very  straightforward there’s no extra drivers needed. You simply plug and play and I  was instantly impressed with the responsiveness  this thing’s DPI goes all the way up – 8200 which basically means that tiny  tiny movements can be measured. Recorded and they’re actually extremely  precise as well I was very impressed when it comes to gaming most cheap  Chinese mice do tend to fail when they can’t deliver on the really fast  response times required the James donkey. It does actually deliver, it’s not exactly the most responsive mouse but you get a decent response time  considering the price and speaking of price I think it’s quite a bit less than  you were thinking it cost sixty five dollars or about 42 pounds in the UK.


That’s a lot less than you’d expect to pay considering its feature set its  impressive packaging and huge customization and check this out  the thing actually vibrates this is super cool feature which you don’t  normally see in mice that cost less than 200 pounds. Furthermore it’s even got LED strips built into it as well as two flashlights  at the front when the lights go off that’s actually starts to look more like  a Lamborghini card and a gaming mouse wheel is got a nice grip too. It’s  very smooth motion but one thing I really think could be improved on this  mouse is the finish, I think I might finish would have really cemented this as the go-to gaming mouse  having said that though the current gloss finish isn’t exactly terrible. It actually looks nice and it doesn’t attract any fingerprints whatsoever  so in conclusion this is a very impressive and interesting product  I’ve never seen this many possible configurations on anything ever. And when it’s fully assembled it looks absolutely stunning  it’s responsive programmable and very suited to gaming which is what its  intended for also the price was surprisingly low anything that really  strikes me is that it seems a little bit.
This to provide so many parts once  you’ve decided which one you prefer everything you’re not using is in a  sense just wasted you’re never going to touch it  so it seems to make more sense that you just perhaps customize the house before  you bought it with the pieces that you wanted.

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