Video Game Records That Are Impossible To Break

There’s nothing like a high score in your favorite game to impress your friends and intimidate your video-arcade enemies. That is, until a bigger fish comes along. Most people just play games, but some of us have a burning need to completely dominate them and prove it to the rest of the world while we’re at it. Here are some of the biggest, boldest, and downright strangest video game records that are impossible to break.




Longest GTA IV 6-Star Wanted Level Survival

Grand Theft Auto IV’s virtual police force may be easily avoided with some luck and a little quick thinking, but they’re no pushovers. Raise protagonist Niko Bellic’s wanted level to the highest possible rating of 6 stars, and he’s pretty much toast, snipers, helicopter, gun ships, and endless police armored vehicles will hound him to the ends of the virtual Earth and back. With that kind of heat on, most players can only last a minute or two at most. Not so with Danish gamer Henrik Lindholm, who won the Guinness world record for longest six-star survival time at the Copenhagen eSport Challenge in 2009. Through a mixture of skill, strategy, and a healthy dose of pedal-to-the-metal crazy, Lindholm managed to hold out against the fuzz for an astonishing 16 minutes and 16 seconds, without lowering his wanted level. It might not sound like a long time, but it’s a heck of a lot better than we can manage.

World’s Longest Video Game Marathon, Longest Dancing Game Marathon, and Longest Motion-Sensing Game Marathon



Some people try their whole lives just to achieve one unbeatable world record. California schoolteacher and gamer Carrie Swidecki managed to knock out three new world records all at once, using the Xbox 360 motion-sensing rhythm game Just Dance 4, of all things. By itself, Just Dance 4 is a pretty ordinary dancing game, in the same vein as its older and more famous cousin, Dance, Dance Revolution. Although it’s fun enough for what it is, there’s not much about it that’s exciting or new until you hand it to a true master and turn her loose. With news cameras rolling, Swidecki set out to break the record for longest video game marathon. Her unprecedented 138-hour streak blew the previous contender, a man who played Call of Duty for 135 hours out of the water with ease. And she managed to snag two other certified world records along the way, too: longest dance game marathon and longest motion-sensing game marathon. Somebody might beat her individual records, someday, but not all three at once.

Most Expensive Virtual Real Estate

Plenty of video games have expensive in-game real estate. Remember shelling out 300,000 gil for Villa Cloud in Final Fantasy 7? But sometimes, the cost of an in-game property can be measured in real-world money. Such is the case with properties in Entropia Universe, a massively multiplayer online game with a science fiction setting. Players can exchange actual money for in-game currency, at a rate of $10 in the game for every $1 spent. Entropia super-player Erik Novak, known as “Buzz Erik Lightyear” in the game, was already a well-known figure who owned a string of virtual shops when, in 2009, he decided to buy a space station that had been put up for auction. The winning bid? $3,300,000 in virtual money. A cool $330,000 in actual U.S. dollars. Because the currency has a real-world exchange rate, the people at Guinness were able to confirm that this property, the Crystal Palace Space Station, was the most expensive piece of in-game property ever purchased by a player. Considering that this kind of money can buy an actual house in most places, it’s hard to imagine anyone ever topping Novak’s record.


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